Prophet Rael

Sunday 29 January 2006
The Islamic resistance movement Hamas seems to have achieved a stunning win in the
Palestinian parliamentary election yesterday. According to preliminary results, Hamas won 76 seats giving them a majority in the 132-seat chamber. A democratic election has put pro-war people at the head of the Palestinian State.
Sunday 29 January 2006
The official support of the Prophet RAEL was also sent to the President of Ivory Coast,
President Gbagbo, who is facing a colonial power that, under the cover of the United
Nations, is trying to keep its hold on Ivory Coast.

He also sent his congratulations to President Sassou N’Guesso from Congo Brazzaville
who has been elected as head of the African Union.... as announced by the Prophet RAEL in Brazzaville last December and as he has predicted to him in 2001 during their private meeting.... a promised destiny is on its way.
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