Prophet Rael

Sunday 15 January 2006
The most beautiful manifestation of consciousness is love. What is love? Love is to look and to understand what we are. I am only dust, and I am made of carrots, of yams my mother ate when she conceived me. And as I keep eating, my body’s cells are renewed, and if I stop eating, I return to dust. I am made of parts of carrots, of sweet potatoes, of meats and of fishes -- all these allow my consciousness to continue to express itself. I am nothing other than dust. And what do I have in front of me? It is dust, unconscious and silly, and suddenly I see human beings who are like me, whatever the color of their skin may be. A human being is something absolutely insignificant, it is just a bit of dust which is, like me, at the same time as me, on the same planet, at the same moment, at the right place and all together, a bit of the infinite becoming conscious of itself. It will die however, perhaps in a minute. Because no one knows when your heart will stop beating -- perhaps I will die at the end of my sentence. So, look at your neighbor right now with the awareness that maybe he will die in a minute. Look! How many of you have lost your father, your brother, your mother, your children, in the wars you have had, or by accident, and are saying, “I should have given him/her more love, I should have talked to him/her, I should have..." Oh, yes, it is too late, it is over, he/she is in the carpet - he/she is in the dust. Do it while you are both still alive. So, when one understands to what extent this life, this consciousness, is fragile, and fugacious, one can no longer make war, one cannot kill one another, for life is too short.
Sunday 15 January 2006
I have a big project, and Brigitte is here with me to see how to put it into concrete form. I would like to create a city of sciences here, the first African City of Sciences which could be called “Scientopolis,�? where there would be a laboratory for cloning which all the so-called developed countries have condemned for "ethical" reasons...

I really hope that this will be done in an African country. There, genetically modified foods will be produced, genetically modified plants allowing us to feed the whole world. This will multiply agricultural industrial productions by 10, by 100, by 1,000, because it is possible to produce food crops with a yield per hectare 1,000 times higher, thanks to genetic modifications. It is feasible, it is possible, we can produce bananas as big as your thigh, and tasting 10 times better. We can make coconuts as big as pumpkins! There are no pumpkins here. I must find another image. We can make coconut trees where the nuts would be lower than the level of our heads -- it would be less dangerous when we take a nap. We can make a lawn that needs not be mowed, if we program the grass to stop growing after a given height. We can do everything, we can become ELOHIM, we can become gods. All is possible.
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