Prophet Rael

Thursday 12 November 2009
By Prophet RAËL

Tokyo, Japan, November 12, 64 aH. (2009)

The assessment of the 50 years of independence? Of the so-called African independence? This assessment is not a pretty one because in effect, there is no Independence. Everything that is being said about these 50 years of independence are lies, there has not truly been any independence. There has been a mockery of independence, but a true independence would have been to go back to what existed before colonialism.

What was in place before colonialism? Ethnicities, groups that were nations, because each ethnicity is a nation, and each had borders completely different from what exists today, totally different religions from what exists in our days, a culture totally different from what exists today. And all this was colonized. Then, 50 years ago, a mockery of political independence took place, borders were decided by people who never set a foot in Africa. Somewhere in Europe, they divided Kama among themselves, dividing it like a pie, without ever going to see on site, and this gave way to appalling divisions that create wars because certain ethnicities are given a great power in falsely democratic ways because those ways are set by Europeans - and other ethnicities, such as the Hutus and the Tutsis, see themselves dominated, ill-treated by others, put in power by the Europeans. That is the root of these genocides and terrible, never ending conflicts!
Sunday 30 December 2007
The two-day EU-Africa summit in Lisbon didn’t bring to the EU the new trading system it was hoping for. Only 15 of the 76 poor countries involved in talks have so far signed the economic partnership agreements with Europe.
The President of Senegal even admitted that the majority of the African leaders have rejected these partnerships, being more inclined to deal with China. According to the English newspaper The Independent, the Zimbabwean President Mugabe, when asked what message he had for Europe, ‘said nothing but raised his arm and made a fist’. This comes to no surprise for the African Raelians who are actively promoting the full decolonization of the African continent, which includes severing the old economical bonds with the ex-colons.

Our Beloved Prophet made the following comments:
“All African nations should reject European partnerships and work with China. One doesn’t create ties with one’s "ex"-colons who still have the same mind.” “They – the European Nations- now panic because somebody else is taking care of what they still consider as their private garden.” he added. “China and India are the best partners for Africa as they also suffered from the same European imperialist invaders.” Regarding Mugabe’s gesture, Rael said that his "fist" was the best possible answer.

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