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Friday 08 April 2011
LONDON, April 8 – “The Raelian Movement’s assertions are once again proven and are now widely reported to be correct,” said Marcus Wenner, Ph.D, a Raelian guide in the United Kingdom.

He said the Raelian Movement teaches techniques that have always claimed to promote a happier and healthier mind and body, including key teachings that include fasting or a calorie-restricted diet. According to Wenner, these teachings were given to Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement, almost 40 years ago by an advanced race of human scientists who claimed to have created all life on Earth.

Wenner described a study in which doctors followed the health and habits of more than 200 residents in the state of Utah, where fasting for at least one day a month is a way of life for many Mormons. X-ray scans revealed narrowing of the arteries in around 75 per cent of those people who didn’t fast compared to only 63 per cent of those who did. Fasting also appeared to more than halve the odds of developing diabetes, according to the study, which was presented at the American College of Cardiology conference.
Saturday 26 March 2011
Tokyo, December 28, 2010

Faithful to his project of giving the power back to the fundamental ethnic groups and their chiefs or kings in a Pan-African Confederation named the United States of Kama that would reject all the borders established during colonial times, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelians, asks Laurent Gbagbo whom the colonizers would like to see resign and Alassane Ouattara to mutually declare the secession of the North and the South of the Ivory Coast and the creation of two independent states, one in the North, the other in the South

He declares: "if the creation of a federal Ivorian State composed of a Northern and a Southern State maybe attractive, it is a bad choice because why creating a division between the North and the South only when there are other ethnic groups that are not represented? And furthermore, if there is a federation, a president will be needed to rule the so called federation, coming back to the same problem of choosing this president between the North and the South.
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