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Sunday 15 January 2006
Abidjan, November 15th, 2004

His Holiness RAEL, leader and founder of the IRM, express his total support, his congratulations, his encouragements and his compassion to the President of the Ivory Coast Republic as to all the population of the Ivory Coast in their fight against the unacceptable intervention of the French army since Saturday
November 6, 2004.

This criminal military intervention of France, reflects its neo-colonial attitude and confirms what His Holiness RAEL denounced on January 28, 2003 in the message that he had addressed to the population of the Ivory Coast, following the events of September 19, 2002: "The dramatic events in Ivory Coast prove that France kept its colonizing spirit and constantly uses in Africa the false pretext of "protecting its nationals "to intervene militarily. The African States, in their decolonization that remains to be completed, must thus make sure that France does not have any excuse any more to send its troops ".
Sunday 15 January 2006
Geneva, November 17, 2004

Seizing the occasion of the struggle of the population of the Ivory Coast against the criminal intervention of the French Army in Ivory Coast in progress since November 6, 2004, His Holiness RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, addressed the following message of support to the African populations in their courageous fight against the neo colonialism in Africa.

"France always uses as excuse to its neo-colonial interference in Africa, the so-called " protection of its nationals ".
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