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Sunday 15 January 2006
2 Septembre 56aH (2001)

In full support of the requests made by the lecturers in Durban on racism, RAEL, leader of the Raelian Movement which counts a large number of members in African countries, has declared to adamantly champion payments of large financial compensations by countries that have benefited from slavery to the victim's descendants.

He said: "Crimes against humanity are known to be very difficult to prescribe. In this case, the crimes of those who have killed hundreds of thousands of Africans and doomed to slavery millions of others, and which rank as crimes against humanity, must find the States guilty of these crimes, judged and condemned to consequently pay damages to the victim's descendants.
Sunday 15 January 2006
March 20th, 2001

Raël, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, gives his support to William Stowell, a young American who filed a lawsuit against the hospital that performed a circumcision on him when he was a child.
"Circumcision is a sexual mutilation in the same way that excision and the process of clasping the prepuce of very young women are. It is outrageous to see that this sexual mutilation in young males is tolerated while condemned in young females. Any form of non-therapeutic circumcision should be forbidden just like any form of sexual mutilation. It is outrageous to see that some Rabbis and hospitals cash in by reselling prepuces at a very high price to pharmaceutical laboratories which constitutes an abominable trade of human organs." Raël declares.

He adds "The sex life of people who have been circumcised and their partners is less pleasurable than the one of people who have not as proven by scientific inquiries. Those who claim that circumcision is ordained by God and find illogical any reason not to do it are criminals to the highest degree. If we listened to them, the death penalty would still be applied to all nonbelievers, all women that have committed adultry, and all as also ordained by the Bible and the Koran."

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