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Thursday 30 April 2009
The International Raelian Movement is calling for a voluntary wave of well-educated and affluent immigrants to revitalize the African continent.

LAS VEGAS, April 28 – The International Raelian Movement (IRM) has launched a campaign that encourages successful people of all races and religions, particularly those who are descendants of slaves and now living in the West, to voluntarily move their businesses and operations to Kama (the original name for Africa used by its indigenous peoples). The IRM hopes to reverse the debilitating effect of the African Diaspora, in which millions of indigenous inhabitants left their homelands over the last few centuries to live in other parts of the world – involuntarily or voluntarily.

Dr. Gbedia Dodo, a Raelian bishop, was appointed by Rael, the IRM’s founder and leader, to head the “Back to Kama” campaign. A member of the African Diaspora, she was born in the Ivory Coast. The holder of two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, she lives in Alabama, where she teaches and does research in food biotechnology and molecular biology.
Friday 17 April 2009
The Raelian bishops of Africa expose the complicity of the French speaking, catholic bishops of West Africa in the crime against humanity committed by the pope

The Raelian bishops of Africa, disciples of the last Prophet, Rael, ambassador of our creators who are referred to as Elohim in the original bible in ancient Hebrew, stand against the statements made by French speaking catholic bishops of West Africa, through the channel of cardinal Theodore Adrien ( Article published in Fraternite Matin, in Abidjan, on 28-29 March 2009).

It is rather funny to read the remarks made by the catholic bishops ‘’The lack of moral is a crime against humanity (…) in that respect, the advertising slogans and the distribution of condoms would be irresponsible and considered a crime against humanity’’!
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