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Sunday 18 April 2010
Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement, today expressed his support for Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, which has organized a two-day, international conference in Cairo to discuss how to recover ancient treasures that were stolen or looted from their native lands. More than 20 countries are participating.

Commenting on what he called "this wonderful union of all countries victimized by colonialist pillaging," Rael declared that all items now in occidental museums as a result of colonialism must be returned to their original countries.
Saturday 13 March 2010
The Prophet Raël, leader of the International Raelian Movement, congratulated the Senegalese President, Abdoulaye Wade, for publically stating that he was ready to offer land in his country to the Haitian people ( Wade added that within all African countries there are millions of square kilometers of land totally unoccupied.

The Raelian leader expressed his support by saying that this is “a beautiful initiative from the President of Senegal. It should be copied by all leaders of Kama [the original name for the African continent]. They should extend this offer to all Americans of African origin. If they bring back their capital or knowledge, they should enjoy benefits such as a total tax exemption … to encourage their return to Kama and the development of the Continent. In other words, favoring the poor is superb, but favoring the return of the wealthy and the graduates of universities is even more important for the development of Kama and to help the poor that will return in parallel.”

In April 2009, Rael launched the project « BACK TO KAMA (BTK) », ( a voluntary migration campaign for the descendants of Black slaves and other wealthy westerners, inviting them to voluntary move their companies and businesses to Kama. The initiative was addressed especially to celebrities, scientists, and business people because such publicity will influence more to follow their steps.

Dr. Gbèdia Dodo, a Raelian Bishop who is leading the BTK project, added that “we strongly hope that this initiative from the Senegalese President will promote a competition between the Presidents of other countries in Kama to not only appeal to a maximum number of Haitians to repatriate to Kama but also to persuade other influential and financially successful American Blacks by encouraging a return to their ancestral land with the additional inclusion of automatic citizenship and other financial incentives such as banking secrecy and a guaranty of tax exemption for businesses transferring their corporate offices and their lines of production to Kama.

Thanks to this voluntary migration, the descendants of slaves that makes up this Kamite elite will contribute with their knowledge and wealth to enrich the country welcoming them. Therefore, “not only will this repatriation benefit the Haitian people but the countries welcoming them will also attract wealthy African Americans who will help them solve the economic crises raging there” she explained.

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