Sunday 22 January 2006
Ottawa, March 10, 2005 - Extract from a letter addressed to: Abubakar Hamza Florida, US –possibly at Nigeria Prison Service.

Please allow me to transmit to you in the name of the last of the prophets, RAEL, spiritual leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org), all his support, and that of his 60 000 members, for the tenacity with which you affirm your difference.
Sunday 15 January 2006
Huntsville, February 14th, 2005

JP Morgan Chase & Co., the second most important bank in the USA, now acknowledges its active participation in the slave trade. The firm presented its apologies to African Americans and Americans but forgot to apologize to Africans and Africa.

To compensate for its crimes against humanity, the powerful JP Morgan Bank has set up a program to “provide $5 million over five years for full tuition and undergraduate scholarships for African-American students from Louisiana to attend college in their home state…? The Associated Press 01-21-2005.
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