Catholic Church

Tuesday 25 December 2007
While the pope criticizes the materialistic way of celebrating Christmas, our Beloved Prophet replied to him by encouraging people to celebrate it in the most materialistic way, bringing back these holiday time’s parties to their pre-Christian origins: the Roman Saturnalia's festivals which existed for thousand of years before Christianity in many pre-Christian cultures .

Rael declared: The catholic pope has obviously forgotten that the original celebrations occurring at the end of December were not at all Christian...but beautiful "pagan" celebrations called Saturnalia where people were partying naked and having fun. The early Catholic church did all it could to "Christianize" these "pagan" parties”.
Thursday 25 October 2007
Even if we are in favor of sexual freedom between consenting adults, if you are a pedophile you are definitely not welcome in the Raelian movement. Not only because our position is very clear condemning it as a mental disease, but also because, contrary to the politics of the Catholic church which has been hiding pedophile priests (see and moving them from parish to parish so they can make more victims of their disgusting behavior, the Raelian movement has a strict policy of not only expelling immediately any member suspected of pedophilia or sex with people under legal age BUT ALSO to immediately report them to the police.
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