Sunday 15 January 2006
The request for forgiveness made by the Catholic Church in regard to the support it gave to slavery in the past, though positive, is not enough.

During their tri-annual assembly, held this year in Senegal, the catholic African bishops have kindly resquested foregiveness for the responsibility of the Catholic Church and of the African people in the Black slavery. This request was precisely made at Goree Island, the Black slavery symbol, during the mass celebration of Sunday October 5, 2003.

Following the announcement of this request for forgiveness, His Holiness RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, declares:
Sunday 15 January 2006
Baptism, essentially a Christian practice, is a ritual originally initiated by conviction, then by tradition. Nowadays, it is usually done by tradition. In most cases, the person who was baptised never had a say in the baptism. More often than not, the choice was decided by a third party (parents). Consent was not required and the act consequently was imposed.

Too little ! Too late !
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