Saturday 02 September 2006
It all started with a large media coverage in Burkina of the initial press releases about the campaign « Adopt a Clitoris » and « the Pleasure Hospital ». We also printed them on pamphlets and gave thousands out. On May 29, we held a press conference and two televisions, the private and public radios and most of the major newspapers attended. they all published the full content of Banemanie's speech, our wonderful Bishop-Guide. She talked about the necessity to remove the taboo around the word « clitoris » and explained the importance of that organ for women and the need to rebuild it for those who have been circumcized. She then introduced Clitoraid and its actions through the world to collect funds and help women to find pleasure back.
Sunday 22 January 2006
Boston, March 29th - On April 2nd and 3rd, at the Whole Health Expo in Northampton, MA, you will have the opportunity to hear one of the Raelian leaders in a lecture entitled: "A healthy mind is an integral part of a healthy body" by Mehran Saam, Ph.D. who is a Raelian Priest and responsible for the Raelian Movement in the New England region and scientist in the biomedical field.

Scientific research has proved the tremendous benefits of regular meditation for improved health and exuberance. Even cancer patients have shown better response to treatment when they meditate. A healthy mind is an integral part of a healthy body.
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