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Abidjan December 26, 2017

"In a communication received today at the headquarters of the Raelian Movement, the Prophet RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM) has decided to nominate Professor Théophile OBENGA and Dr. Emmanuel KABONGO Malu, Honorary Guides for Humanity for their exemplary commitment to the emancipation of peoples, particularly in Africa, through their public denunciation of the colonization and falsification of African history by Europeans, and their call to Africans to be uninhibited and cut off ties with Europe to cooperate with China, Russia and India", said Dr. Tai Ehouan, Bishop Guide, Head of IRM for Africa.

Raël then commented on these nominations in these terms: "Yes, Africans must cut all ties with the old colonizers and turn to China, Russia, India or other former colonized. Africans must also be informed at school that the so-called "European civilization" in fact owes its existence only to African civilizations, which were the basis of Egyptian and Greek civilization.

Yes, the civilization of the pharaohs was black; yes the pharaonic language and the writing come from black Africa: Yes, this civilization was extremely advanced on all levels when the Europeans were still barbarous and uneducated people living in huts. Yes, Europeans owe their domination of the world only to the theft of technologies (such as gunpowder), cultures and inventions made by Blacks and Asians, and which they then used to colonize and enslave those they had plundered and continue to plunder, with regard to Africa in what constitutes a consented rape (violation, conspiracy).

Yes, Africa must unite, create its own currency, abandon the religions and languages of the colonizers and create a federal army equipped with the nuclear weapon. Otherwise, the ex-colonizers will always be ready to use force to maintain their domination and their looting and place their corrupt puppets in power. "

He added: "It is surprising to note that of all the races that exist on earth, only the African continent does not have the nuclear weapon as if the Blacks were too inferior to dispose of it, like these Blacks exposed in human zoos, not so long ago, and considered as animals.

Africa wake up ! And don't forget that the first human beings created by the Elohim, "Adam and Eva", were Black !" "RAEL has been formulating these recommendations to Africans for three decades", says Bishop Guide Tai Ehouan.

"In the world global political context, which is putting more and more pressure on the future of Africa, it is a pleasure for Raelians to see Pan-Africanists begin to realize this need for a radical break with the West. The stances of Professor Obenga and Dr. Kabongo are therefore a perfect leaven for the conscience of African youth ".

RAEL's proposals to totally cut cooperation with the former colonizer and to ally itself with Asia in order to definitively get rid of the colonizer and the perverse effects brought by the neo-colonialism that plagues the development of Africa, feeds poverty and denies a better future to African youth, are available at ''
Sunday 25 October 2015
ABIDJAN, Oct. 24 – According to a statement released today by the International Raelian Movement, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has revoked the Honorary Guide title he awarded President Sassou Nguesso in 2004.

“In Brazzaville in December of 2001, President Sassou Nguesso became the first chief-of-state to officially welcome Maitreya Rael,” said Raelian Guide and Spokesperson for Congo Uriel Nawej. “At that time, he also demonstrated a high level of respect for all religious minorities, which prompted Maitreya Rael to award him the title of ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity.’ But this title is only given to those devoting their lives to helping humanity and promoting respect for its diversity.”

Nawej said Maitreya Rael expressed disappointment after recent events in Brazzaville in which civilians were shot while peacefully protesting.

“Those civilians were protesting President Nguesso’s wish to extend his stay in the presidency,” Nawej explained. “Honorary Guides have the mission of promoting a better life for all human beings, and President Nguesso’s actions in the past few years haven’t been dedicated to the development and blossoming of the Congolese people or their country. So he cannot remain in the very selective list of about 80 individuals who are true Honorary Guides, consistently devoting their lives and their talents for the good of humanity.

For the complete list of Honorary Guides, see:

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